What kind of materials are used and available?
Woods used and available are Mahogany, Locak Pine, Mindy, Manggo, Albazia, Gamelina, Rubber Wood.
How is the packing arrangement?
The packaging arrangement is from Carton box in 127 to 275 Lbs with injection foam protector.
How is the woods' moisture content?
Woods moisture content is 6 to 8% once they pass the KD system and become 8-12% after the finishing processes.

Does PT. SMART Furniture take orders from local hotels?
PT. SMART Furniture is available to serve local project hotels.
How is the payment term?
For local hotels project, 30%-50% down payment is required after the design is confirmed, and it is added with 10% government tax or VAT. For export businesses, payment is required at maximum 2 weeks after the documents are sent.